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HOCK CMA Exam Preparation
Everything you need to pass the CMA exams

The pass rate for CMA candidates who study with HOCK is about 60%, compared to the overall pass rate of about 40%.
The only CMA Study Program that will pay for you take the exam again – if you need to. Learn more about our Complete Package with Re-Registration Guarantee.

Only HOCK provides a CMA study program developed through 15 years of classroom teaching experience, and our experienced staff is available to help you every step of the way.

If you are just starting to study, you may want to consider our Complete Package with Re-Registration Guarantee or Study Bundle that provide you with a complete suite of exam prep materials. HOCK’s exclusive Re-Registration Guarantee will pay for you to take the exam again (a $380 value) if you do not pass on your first attempt.

If you need to supplement other study materials that you already have, you may want to consider our individual exam prep products: the Textbook, Flash Cards, ExamSuccess Study Software, Classroom (Video and Audio), or Live with Brian.

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Complete Package with Re-Registration Guarantee

The Complete Package includes all of our CMA Exam Preparation products and our exclusive Re-Registration Guarantee that pays the exam fee for you to re-take the exam if you do not pass on your first attempt. No other company offers a guarantee like this that puts money on the line.

Study Bundle

The Study Bundle contains the Textbook, Electronic Flash Cards, ExamSuccess Study Software, Classroom, Personalized Study Plan, and Assumed Knowledge e-Book. This suite of materials provides you with all of the tools that you need to pass the CMA exams on your first attempt.


The Textbook is the core of the HOCK CMA Exam Preparation. Our textbooks are comprehensive and detailed with complete examples so that you can fully understand the concepts, regardless of whether or not you have studied them before.

Classroom (Streaming Video and Audio mp3s)

The Classroom brings the classroom to you so that you can learn from Brian Hock’s years of teaching experience wherever you are. The Classroom is not an abbreviated version of the textbook read aloud, but instead provides a full classroom experience over the Internet.

Live with Brian (Streaming Video)

In Live with Brian, Brian Hock will help you stay targeted on where you need to be and motivated to continue to your goal of passing the exam. All 10 sessions will be broadcast live and also archived so that you can access them later as often as you like.

ExamSuccess Study Software

The ExamSuccess Study Software contains thousands of multiple-choice practice questions that test your knowledge of the concepts asked on the real exam.

Electronic Flash Cards

The Electronic Flash Cards are a popular study tool that provide an interactive flash card experience by intelligently scheduling cards based on how well you already know the content of each card. Load our digital flash cards on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and carry them with you wherever you go, without carrying around a stack of paper cards.

Assumed Knowledge e-Book

The CMA exam contains a list of topics that are considered assumed knowledge, including economics, statistics and financial accounting. Because not all candidates have this background, we developed an Assumed Knowledge e-Book covering these topics beyond the exam syllabus. The Assumed Knowledge e-Book is available as an electronic download only (PDF) and is included as a free supplement with the purchase of a CMA Study Bundle, or it can be purchased separately for $50.
Only HOCK provides you with three guarantees: an up-to-date guarantee, a support guarantee, and a best price guarantee.

CMA Exam Information

For complete information about the CMA Exams, including requirements, registration procedures, exam fees, candidate resources and content outlines, download the IMA’s CMA Handbook (PDF). The CMA Handbook was prepared by the IMA.

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