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HOCK CIA Study Plans

Studying for and passing the CIA Exams is a mission that requires dedication and hard work. From our experience at HOCK with thousands of candidates, we know that planning makes this process much easier. Because the exam is available throughout the year and there is no date by which you need to be prepared, studying can seem endless without a proper plan. We know it is easy to “put things off until tomorrow.”

How much time do I need to study?

There isn’t one “right” answer to this question. Our Study Plans provide guidelines for how much to study in terms of weeks, assuming that you study 8-10 hours per week and have a basic background in internal auditing. Depending on your personal and professional obligations, and your previous experience with the exam topics, you can easily adjust these plans to be shorter or longer.

Download the HOCK CIA Study Plans

We encourage prospective CIA candidates to download the study plans to evaluate the topics covered, the suggested time commitment, and the HOCK Exam Prep.

CIA Part 1 Study Plan – 8 Weeks Download
CIA Part 2 Study Plan – 6 Weeks Download
CIA Part 3 Study Plan – 13 Weeks Download


While studying, there will be some topics that you find difficult. HOCK students can always contact us and we will help you as much as possible. Also, keep in mind that you do not need to have 100% knowledge of 100% of the exam content in order to pass. At certain points you will need to decide whether the extra time spent learning something is worth the extra knowledge gained.

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