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Video: Which Part of the CMA Exam Should I Take First?

In this video, HOCK international President Brian Hock answers a very common question about the CMA Exam, “Which Part of the CMA Exam Should I Take First?” Once you decide which Part you want to take first, you can learn more about HOCK international’s comprehensive CMA exam preparation and start studying today!

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Exam Tip: Taking a Step Back

We have written previously about the importance of having a study schedule and sticking to it (Exam Tip: Scheduling for Success and Peace of Mind), but sometimes you need to take a step back from your plan in order to move forward. If you’re familiar with soccer (football for our non-US readers), it is common for a team to pass the ball backwards in order to regroup and prepare again to go forward. Sometimes in studying you might need to […]

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I just sat for the CMA exam. How do I know if I passed?

During the CMA exam testing windows, we get a lot of questions from CMA candidates after taking the exam, such as: “How many multiple-choice questions did I need to get right to comfortably pass the exam?” “I got to the essay portion and thought I did really well, so will I pass the exam?” “What was the pass rate for the exam in the last testing window?” These all boil down to essentially the same question: “What are my chances […]

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Exam Tip: Take Your Studies With You

Having a study schedule and sticking to that schedule is an important part of preparing for an exam. We have written before about creating a study schedule and also how to recognize when you have to make an exception to your study schedule. However, there is another option to keep your studies on track when unexpected events threaten to disrupt your schedule – take your studies with you! Every component of the HOCK materials can be used on mobile devices, […]

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CMA Exam Study Tips

In our 15 years of helping candidates around the world pass the CMA Exam, we have written a large collection of study tips. We’ve assembled all of these study tips into one master CMA Exam Study Tips document so that CMA candidates can easily read all of them in chronological order through the study process. We hope that these tips will be useful in your CMA exam preparation. Download the CMA Exam Study Tips file here.

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Exam Tip: Which Part Should I Take First?

Because the CMA and CIA Exams do not need to be taken in any particular order, many candidates ask, “Which part should I take first?” I will answer that question for both the CMA and CIA exams. On the CMA Exam, the topics are not connected between the exam parts, so you will not get questions on Part 2 that are related to Part 1 topics, or vice versa. Therefore, I recommend that that you look at the exam syllabus […]

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Exam Tip: What is the best way to use the flash cards?

One of the challenges in preparing for the exam is that you must remember the first topic that you studied for the entire time that you are studying, so it’s important to have a quick way to review main points. Our flash cards are designed to help with this ongoing review process by helping you drill on main points and formulas. We suggest that after you complete a topic or subtopic, you immediately review the flash cards for that topic. […]

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Exam Tip: Making An Exception In Your Study Schedule

We have written several exam tips about creating a study schedule and the importance of following your schedule, both in terms of studying when you’re supposed to and also knowing that there are times when it is OK not to be studying. No matter how good your plan is and how dedicated you are to your studies, every once in a while there will be a day or event that requires an exception to your study schedule. Here are some […]

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I’m waiting for my exam result – should I start with the other Part(s)?

After taking the exam, students frequently ask if they should start studying for the next part right away, or if they need to wait for their results first. If you feel that you did well on the exam, I suggest that you should start studying the next part, and here’s why: Even if you do not pass, you will not have a lot to re-study, so you would be able to re-study while you continue studying for the next Part. […]

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Exam Tip: I purchased exam prep materials, now what?

Making the decision to purchase exam prep materials is the first step in preparing to pass the exam. Once you have purchased your materials, what should you do first? For the purposes of this exam tip I am going to assume that you purchased HOCK Complete materials, but the same general ideas apply to any materials. In the first week, you should familiarize yourself with the materials, in a sense an installation and fact-finding week. I suggest that you do […]

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