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CMA Program Policy Change – 12 Month Registration Requirement Removed

The ICMA has provided us with the following announcement: Effective January 1, 2017 candidates are no longer required to register for a CMA exam part within 12 months of paying the CMA Entrance Fee. Candidates are still required to pass both parts of the CMA exam within three years of paying the CMA Entrance Fee. If a candidate does not pass both parts within three years, any passed part will expire. In addition, the candidate will be required to pay […]

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CMA and CIA ExamSuccess Updated (November 2016)

CMA and CIA ExamSuccess for Windows and Mac have been updated with newer question databases. About 70 new questions per Part were added to CMA ExamSuccess, and CIA ExamSuccess received some minor edits and improvements to existing questions. The new versions of CMA and CIA ExamSuccess can be downloaded in My Studies. We recommend that all candidates studying for either exam update their software; all existing sessions and history will be preserved.

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“The CMA Exam Essays: Everything You Need to Know!” IMA Webinar

IMA’s Inside Talk: CMA Candidate Webinar Series – “The CMA Exam Essays: Everything You Need to Know!” Watch this free Webinar about how to prepare for the CMA Exam Essay Questions at imamedia.imanet.org/webinars/2016/08-30/index.html. The webinar goes over some tips for preparing for the essays and walks through some sample essay questions and answers.

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Strategic Finance Article: Asking the Right Questions

In the September 2016 issue of Strategic Finance, Bill Cordes, the Senior Director for Exam Development and Performance Analysis for the ICMA, offers an insightful look into the question-development process for the CMA exam. While the article does not contain details about specific questions or topics on the exam, it does describe the rigorous process for writing, editing, and approving questions and also touches on how questions are selected for each exam. You can read the full article at http://sfmagazine.com/post-entry/september-2016-asking-the-right-questions/.

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I just sat for the CMA exam. How do I know if I passed?

During the CMA exam testing windows, we get a lot of questions from CMA candidates after taking the exam, such as: “How many multiple-choice questions did I need to get right to comfortably pass the exam?” “I got to the essay portion and thought I did really well, so will I pass the exam?” “What was the pass rate for the exam in the last testing window?” These all boil down to essentially the same question: “What are my chances […]

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The CMA exam is not “bite-sized” or “micro,” and neither is HOCK

Recently I have seen advertising for CMA materials using the terms “bite-sized learning” and “microlearning.” As an experienced teacher who knows what is required to pass the exam, I do not like these terms because the questions on the exam are not “bite-sized” or “micro.” The exam questions require critical thinking and application of multiple concepts to a new situation, not just “bite-sized” keywords or “micro” items from a list. At HOCK, we do not want to just sell you […]

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May/June 2016 CMA Exam Window Results, Congratulations, and Testimonials

Now that all of the results from the May/June 2016 CMA exam window have been released, we would like to congratulate everyone who passed their exam. It is our greatest pleasure as exam prep experts to share in this success with our students, and here are some highlights from the phone calls, emails, and chats that we have had with HOCK students from all over the world about passing their exam: I just found out that I passed CMA Part […]

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Giuseppe Venezia shares his CMA experience studying with HOCK

Six months ago I started my CMA journey when I finally found the strength to overcome my procrastination and the fear of failing the challenge of studying for the CMA exam. Having recently passed CMA Part 1 with a score of 430 using the HOCK materials, I wanted to share my experience in case it might help other CMA candidates. After buying the HOCK Materials with the Videos, the best tip I got from reading the Study Plan was that […]

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CMA Fundamentals Volume 1 Textbook Update July 2016

The CMA Fundamentals Volume 1 Textbook has been revised and updated and a new section, Global Business, has been added. A detailed list of changes is not available because the changes were extensive throughout the entire volume. Learn more about the Fundamentals e-Book here, and the updated textbook file is available to download for current students in My Studies.

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